Thursday, January 1, 2009


This year I am keeping it simple. I posted about my 2009 goals on my other blog The House of Fowler, weight and finances. So here I'll speak to running. I am hoping the running will help with the weight loss however I am still traumatized by the weight I gained when I ran a half marathon about 5 yrs ago. This may or may not be why that has been my only 1/2. But I digress, my goal is to run 800 miles this year. Should I say that is 800 miles of running/walking for full disclosure. My mind still hasn't completely embraced that running with walk breaks counts as running but my 42 yr old body has. That averages to 15 miles a week not earth shattering but attainable. I am hoping that by making the goal attainable I'll be able to blow it out the water ~ the whole under promise over deliver thing.

Full disclosure - I haven't ran yet today, but I will. I am planning on 1 mile at a park on a half mile track - boring. Lord, I wish I lived in a nice flat neighborhood...I gotta go find my motivation...


jlc said...

Wow catholic AND a runner. Sounds like we have two amazing things in common. :)

Happy new year!!

Sasha said...

Happy New Year to you!