Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of The Year

I just finished reading several blogs about the last run of year. Why didn't I think of that? I'll tell you why, because my inner fat lazy girl has taken over. Seriously, who am I kidding? She's really not inner anymore since I've taken to wearing only things with an elastic waist for close to a week. Damn you sister-in-law for those wonderful, comfy pjs! My inability to get dressed and off the couch lays on your shoulders.

As 2008 closes, I didn't go out running and I am pretty sure I didn't start the year running either but 2009 will be a different story. 2009 will start and end with a run. What kind of run is left to be seen. I am most certain that the last run will be strong than the starting run but you gotta start somewhere.

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve. See you in 2009. Dear Lord, please let the weather be warm and dry tomorrow...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank You

I'd like to thank AKA Alice and Southbay Girl for your comments. They motivated me to out of my pjs and get up off the couch. I finally got up and ran (ran/walk) on Monday. Not long, not fast, but I got up off the couch and that's a start. I strapped on my garmin and prepared myself to embrace a crappy run. I think the total was 2.46 miles. Most of 1.46 was walking but that first mile ~ well that was done in 9:42 which included 1 minute of walking. To me, not too crappy. Now there's nothing left to do but keep at it...

Friday, December 26, 2008


7 days and counting - no running, no exercising. Just plain laziness. Must go eat again...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eating My Words

40 minute run, piece of cake I said. It will be fast and done before I know it. I should know better than to be cocky. Right from the start yesterday, my run was a struggle. My legs hurt and my shins where just taunting me to try and run faster and longer. Somewhere around 20 minutes into the run the inner dialogue went something like this "maybe you should slow down, walk more. No slowing down is for wimps. Boy my shins are starting to hurt, this is just a training run, yes but you've become a run/walker..." It's at that point that I realized, was my ego really going to push me to the point of injury and vomit for a freaking training run? Seriously? Shouldn't this running thing be fun? What's one bad run? One bad run was yesterday 40 minutes 3:37 miles. Tomorrow could be a different story....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Magic Mile

Todays training run was 40 minutes which consisted on a Magic Mile. A magic mile is a mile time trail to judge your race pace and estimate your finish time. Through out the training you should improve upon your magic mile time. Well all I can say is I hope so. Today's magic mile was done in 10:19 and I ceratinly didn't feel like I could sustain the running pace for a 15K. Total distance for the 40 minutes was 3.37 miles. While I am not feeling the magic I will press on with the plan...

Monday, December 8, 2008


That's how long it took me to run 7 miles yesterday. I hit 5 miles at the one hour mark. Knowing that if I was just running and not following the training plan (walk breaks and pace 2 minutes slower than race pace) I would have hit 6 miles at the one hour mark was a little distracting. However the dull pain in my right shin that kicked in after 40 minutes made me rethink my ideas of speeding up.

1 hour 23 minutes and 3 seconds is a loooong time on a treadmill. Sooner or later I am going make it outside. My Christmas Garmin has arrived but I have yet to try it out. I have to make sure I've read and understand the instructions. A premature attempt to use it could be traumatizing.
Today starts the beginning of Week 4.
Mon - off
Tues - 40 Min Run (MM)
Wed - off
Thurs -40 Min Run
Fri - easy walk
Sat - 4x800
Sun - off
the orginal plan calls for the long run to happen on Sunday, I prefer Saturday but actually have had to switch back and forth depending on what I have going on. While I am glad this week's long run is not the 8.5 I have to look forward to next week, I am going to have to actually read up on the 4x800. Hope that's easy to track on a treadmil....

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Gadget

I bought this after Running School 2 weeks ago and used it for the first time last week. Love it! Makes this run/walk stuff a breeze. I don't have to watch the clock to know when to run and when to walk. I just set this baby and off I go. If you are in Atlanta you can find them at Phidippides if not at