Monday, July 20, 2009

High Five

After what seems like an eternity, I ran 5 easy miles this morning. Easy in that I walked the 5 minutes to warm up and then inserted one minute walk breaks after every 4 minute run.

I appreciate all the kind words and advice!! It keeps me from crashing and burning. Whenever my running decreases my waistline increases and that's enough to push any girl over the edge...

Friday, July 17, 2009

I've Got Two Tickets

to San Francisco, non refundable.

Now I just need healing of the shin.

No pressure. I only have 3 months of training left. My longest run has been 8 miles. I've got 5 miles to add. I need some quick healing...

image: wikipedia

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Justice

Let's see the last time I had a good race photo taken was a... NEVER!

I keep waiting, I am prepared to pay the crazy prices, for just one good picture. One that makes me look like a strong confident runner. Nine individual pictures were taken of me. Nine and not one good one, not one!

Note to self: stop getting your hair cut only to realize that you need to grow it out. (same exact revelation I had after seeing last years pictures)

I am not just being vain. These are bad, sweaty pictures. I have to be the pastiest person in Atlanta. Lord I need a tan. However, I am thankful that there's not the cellulite shot. You know the one where your leg is just getting ready to strike the ground and your thighs are all flabby, and jiggly. No, oh that's just me. Seriously, I could start a collection of those shots.

The Mister had five individual photos taken. Remember, first race and all. All five are good! UGH!

image: Marathonfoto

Monday, July 6, 2009

Peachtree Results

I had planned to post prior to the race but have been in the middle of a move so things are a bit out of whack. I ran 4 miles on Thursday and took Friday off.

The stats for Saturdays race was 5007 finishers (26170 Male/23837 Female)

Knowing I would be run/walking my goal was to finish in at least 1:10

My official stats were

Division: Masters
Chip Time: 1:05:48
Clock Time: 1:36:24
Overall: 18702
Sex Place: 6591
Division Place: 2467
Age Grade 48.4%

I am pretty happy with that. I tried to stick to 4 minutes of running/1 minute of walking.
I am sure if I would of/could of ran in a straight line rather than dodging people ALL 6.2 miles (6.29 according to my garmin) I could have shaved a little time.

What I am not so happy with is the fact that my non-running husband came in 7 minutes after me. His first 10K, little training, longest run being 4.2 miles, and drinking 4+ plus beers the night before. Did I mention the only thing he's ever run was a 1 mile fun run. I wasn't expecting him to do awful but I was expecting at least 10 a minute difference. I am going to have to step it up next year.

I am also not so happy that it looks like I might have started a tradition, finishing the Peachtree with a shin splint. I have done myself a big disservice by not forcing myself to get outside and run. I am not sure why the road vs the treadmill makes such a big difference on my shins but it does. I took yesterday off and was hoping to be able to ease back into running today. But that was wishful thinking. Super sore! I am going to try and be patient so it will heal as quickly as possible so I can get on with training for the Nike 1/2 in October. I was hoping to build to 9 miles this week but that could be questionable.