Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 "Ps and an "E"

I have no exciting news on the running front. Just 3 miles here, 3 miles there on the treadmill and the occassional icing of the foot. I intend to just keep to easy runs mostly for sanity and calorie burn. If I can keep up things up on the exercise front I am almost certain I can find success on the weight loss front. I am telling you this Beck Diet Solution stuff is earth shattering for me.

First, let me say that while the book allows you to choose the diet plan of your choice, I am not into diets. I am not low carbing it, I am not low protiening it, I am not cutting any food group out and that includes sugar, prior to Fat Tuesday that is. I just want to eat quality food ( a majority of the time).

One concept discussed is Planning. Many years ago in another lifetime I was introduced to the 6 Ps - Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance which I have found to hold true in most situations. I am a planner. I love to plan. Parties, projects, etc, not what I am going to eat. But damn it if the book didn't prove to me yesterday that Prior Planning Prevents Poor Eating! Monday and Tuesday I planned out all my meals and snacks. Crossed things off as I eat. Didn't panic when hunger struck.Truthfully I felt hungry a good portion of the day. (I've increased my calories slightly today too see if I could spend a little less time hungry) Any way, Tuesday night rolls around, then Wednesday morning and laziness sets in. Really how hard is it sit down spend a couple of minutes planning what to eat? That's laziness at it's finest. So as you can guess Wednesday's eating was out of whack. Nothing damaging but just more than needed.

Today I am equipped with my plan and I amazed at the power this written plan has on me. I am hungry right now but my snack really shouldn't take place until about 3:00ish so I will happily wait, because that's the plan, and it's on paper.I kind of get annoyed that I am such a stinkin rule follower but if planning my meals on a piece of pink legal pad paper leads me be a fit size 4 rule follower again than lead on...


Hilary aka Ms. Turtle said...

I'm a big fan of Beck, and just wanted to say best of luck with your weight loss---you can do it!

Coco said...

I love writing that I "ran" in my daytimer. But if I don't complete three miles, then I don't get to put it in the planner.

Obviously, I am a planner too.

Good luck with the weight loss.