Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penny for your thoughts

A friend sent me this article The painful truth about trainers: Are running shoes a waste of money? (you'll have to scroll up since it links to the bottom of the article, sorry I tech challenged)

Perhaps, I'll run in my old running shoes tomorrow and see how I fare...

On a complete side note, I am loving the purpleness of the Asics GEL Nimbus 10


Southbay Girl said...

I love my Gel Nimbus-but they aren't cheap!

cami said...

I have the nimbus 10 (also in purple)and while they look nice and have lots of cushioning, they tend to be a bit on the heavy side and not as flexible as I'd like them to. My favorite ones are the Mizuno wave rider 12 (and they're cheaper, too.)

I've read that article before and I think it holds a lot of truth.