Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doctor, Doctor

Still limping and in pain and starting to feel feverish I went to the doctor Friday. She said if you want to run again you need physical therapy. So off I went to physical therapy where I tell my tale and I am happy to say nobody has treated me like a crazy person for finishing a race injured.

Seems my thigh strain has caused IT band issues, which then lead to a piriformis issue, which in turn lead to another issue. I didn't catch that last issue because the physical therapist had started working the knots out of my muscles and I was contrating too hard on not crying out for my momma it hurt so bad. As he was explaining what probably happened, he stated a time or two "I am not yelling at you, I know you runners are a stubborn bunch."

Bottom line: No running for probably 4-6 weeks, no excercise at all for now, 3 home stretches to do twice a day and icing 3 times a day. He'd like to see me 3 times a week but I'll probably only make it once a week due to my work schedule and location vs their schedule and location. Alright, I am off to take some pain relievers.


Aka Alice said...

Yay for finding a PT who doesn't think you're crazy (and for having a doctor who sends you to one quickly) Geez. I had to wait almost a week to see a PT when I was hurt.

Do the stretches. It's helps.

Southbay Girl said...

I agree with Alice...yeah for finding someone, anyone, that doesn't think you're nuts for running!!

I'm sorry you can't run for so long! But the time will fly and then you'll be out there again!