Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Peachtree in Pictures

7:50 start, Group E.Looking at group F. Favorite sightI ran on the right hand side because I ran slow and so I was sure to get a blessing. This guys a  Lutheran, but hey there's no bad blessing if you ask me.Yum -beer.
 Running on an empty stomach I had to fore go or Catholic Runner would have been Buzzed up Runner. No Tolerance.This is a picture of the finish line photographers, see them up there by the stoplight. You know them, the ones who can't get a good photo of you if you paid them.The End.

P.S. Let's just say I beat my husband by 6.2 miles and I'll leave it at that...


Anonymous said...

Great job! Were you in wave "F"? I was. many of us from the ChristMilers.org (Catholic Running club) will start our Space Coast marathon training in the next couple weeks. If interested in training, come join us.

Southbaygirl said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Great race! I on the other hand would have stopped for the beer!!! Great job!