Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Lazy Costs and Active Irritation

I took 5 days off (read too lazy to do anything) last week. Ran/walked on Monday, nothing Tuesday or Wednesday, ran/walked today. I am currently icing my shins. Lesson to self: keep moving or you'll be sorry.

On a side note, I tried to register for the Big Pumpkin 5K through last night and got an error message when entering my credit card info. I emailed and referenced that this was the 2nd race I tried to register for through that I've had a problem with and needed to verify that the information didn't go through. I promptly recieved a response this morning stating it was an issue with the information I entered not the site. Irritating since I had triple checked the info I entered, but pleased that it didn't take them 3 days to respond like last time. Tried to register again this morning but this time the site wasn't working at all, interesting...My fault you say. So I try a 3rd time this morning, because I am persistent (read stubborn) and finally success. (with the same information I entered last night, I am just saying)

On another side note: Work Slim Down Challenge, not so good. The scale is moving in the wrong direction, ugh!

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AKA Alice said...

Hahahah....I always call my stubbornness persistence too! Probably wouldn't be running without it, right?

Have fun on the Pumpkin Run this weekend.