Friday, March 6, 2009

This Run Brought To You By

This is alexis mc's friend there was a lockdown but every1 is ok. she wanted to tell u every1 is getting checked out.

That's the text I receieved late yesterday morning regarding this situationTeens Arrested, Gun Found In School that I was completely unaware of.

Tomorrow's run will be brought to you by the memory of the assistant principal who was standing outside the school and allowed me to drop MC off at school without saying a word while they knew something was going down. Good thing for both of us things turned out the way they did. Had they not this is one mama who would be spending a little time in lock up. I have a sister who got expelled from high school from beating up a boy, I have a brother who's an ultimate fighter, I am quite certain I could take her out with one punch. Not that I believe violence is answer, but I also don't believe in playing with my childs safety.


Carly said...

OMG, that is scary. I am glad everyone is ok. thank God for cell phones...

AKA Alice said...

Wait...let me get this straight...the VP knew the school was in lockdown (or would be shortly) and let a parent drop a kid off into a school that was in EFFING LOCKDOWN?

Oh yeah...that person should lose his/her job. That's just wrong.