Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis


Perhaps my last fit process , my first at Big Peach Running Co, which lead to my Mizunos, went horribly wrong because I never had this problem in my Asics.

Now that I have recovered from the trauma of the death of my blackberry and a panel interview at my job. I can concentrate on my foot.
Seriously, a 6 person panel. Try not being nervous about that, and I am a recruiter. Ok so maybe I am still a bit traumatized by the interview...

Perhaps some new shoes are in order because isn't that the American way? Just throw money at the problem. sorry couldn't help myself =)


AKA Alice said...

OMG...I'm soooo sorry. Yes, it sucks. The right shoes are a MUST! The PT told me to NEVER change shoes if you have a pair that's working for you.

I'm seeing the end of my PT now, but it took about a month. Ice massage, tennis ball massage, and lots of stretching (4 or 5 times a day) and a few visits to the PT for some deep massage has worked for me (yeah, PT is out of pocket, not covered by my insurance...GAH!) But has been OH SO WORTH IT.

Good luck.

Southbay Girl said...

Oh I am so sorry!!! that sucks! And is so painful!!! I agree with AKA Alice-I haven't changed shoes in years!!! I'm a diehard Asics Gel nimbus fan!!!

I hope your recovery is swift and painfree!!

Carly said...

Ouch. I have PF and it sucks. It has sidelined me for almost a year. I agree with Alice...I have been doing the ice, tennis ball, splint, stretching, and it seems to be helping. I am going to hit the PT route too..

I hope your recovery goes a lot quicker than mine.