Sunday, September 27, 2009

12 Plus Concrete

Equals a little over 6 miles. My plan was 12 miles but I thought I would venture from the neighborhood for a little less hill and different scenery. I didn't take into account having to run on concrete and at about mile 5 my left shin really started to hurt. So I called it a 6 mile run and a lesson learned.

  • Stay in the neighborhood
  • I have trouble pacing my walk/run ratio if it's not caused by a hill
  • Stay off concrete

  • Right now I am resisting the urge to panic. It's about 3 weeks till the Nike Half and I was hoping for a somewhat easy 12 miles. It just run, tomorrow could be a how different game right?


    Southbay Girl said...

    DO NOT PANIC!!! Try to get an 11 miler in next weekend! Go slow and walk when you need to!! If you can't run next weekend try for 8 the following weekend. You'll be fine!

    Aka Alice said...

    I am sooooooooo behind here.

    GAH! HAAAAAAAAATE running on concrete...HAAAAAAAAAAATE

    (I think I've used up my vowel quota today!)

    Don't Panic. It's all good! You're getting some hills in and that's going to help you out a lot in SF.