Monday, November 9, 2009


That's the number of miles I am going to miss my 800 mile goal by this year. After my last physical therapy session I was told I would run again but it wouldn't happen this year.

To be fair, even if I could run I'd still more than likely miss that goal. I plan to set a more realistic goal for next year and take into consideration my shin splint prone shins into the equation.

So for now it looks like it's just me and the exercise bike (which I dislike more than the elliptical) as long as it doesn't cause pain. I am using the term pain loosely, because I find everything about the exercise bike painful. You'd think with the amount of junk I have in the trunk I'd be able to ride for hours comfortably. I guess my backside has reached the point of diminishing returns. Hence the need for some form of exercise until I can run again...


Patience said...

You ran alot of miles so far this year and once your leg heals you will be back at it and rock at your goal next year!

Together We Save said...

I think how much you have run is amazing!!