Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I weighed yesterday but am a day late posting because I was busy eating cookies, obviously

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Southbay Girl said...

you still weigh ALOT less than I do!!!

First of all-you aren't running so if you are like me-I can look at a cookie and gain weigh. Wait, what am I talking about, I can do that even when I'm running!!

Lets look at alternative forms of exercise that you could do right now:

pilates-works great!
swim-it's not the same as running but it does do it's job!
eliptical-i personally hate them but it's better than nothing
bike-can you bike?

i think you just need a little PUSH from us! So today, I want you to find a pilates class and the closest pool and let us know what you have found!!! You will not be gaining any more weigh little lady!!