Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Truth Hurts

I got a does of reality today when I put on my "fat" suit and found the skirt to be a little tight.

I thought I was holding steady. Not losing but not gaining. The number on the scale hasn't moved up but when your go to suit is getting tight, it's like a splash of cold water.

I need to stick the plan. My 25yr High School Class Reunion is this summer, that should be motivating enough but I am slow to get serious about getting into shape.

What I know doesn't work is eating a kit kat while watching the Biggest Loser...



Kathleen said...

As someone who was really heavy for quite a while, it's still shocking how little you have to gain to have your clothes be tight once you're on the slimmer side. (Not that that will make you feel any better -- but it's true.) For me, the different between a Size 10 and a Size 8 is about 5 pounds.

I'm hoping to go to my 25-year reunion as well in a couple of months.

Texan Couture said...

Don't get yourself down eveyrone has bad days, Just stick to your plan and it will work in the end! All you need is a little motivation!