Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Justice

Let's see the last time I had a good race photo taken was a... NEVER!

I keep waiting, I am prepared to pay the crazy prices, for just one good picture. One that makes me look like a strong confident runner. Nine individual pictures were taken of me. Nine and not one good one, not one!

Note to self: stop getting your hair cut only to realize that you need to grow it out. (same exact revelation I had after seeing last years pictures)

I am not just being vain. These are bad, sweaty pictures. I have to be the pastiest person in Atlanta. Lord I need a tan. However, I am thankful that there's not the cellulite shot. You know the one where your leg is just getting ready to strike the ground and your thighs are all flabby, and jiggly. No, oh that's just me. Seriously, I could start a collection of those shots.

The Mister had five individual photos taken. Remember, first race and all. All five are good! UGH!

image: Marathonfoto


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

I didn't buy any of my photos from the race in March. Same problems. It's NOT just you!

Funny, I FELT thin while I was running! Ha!

I'm just getting back into running after a long break and 8-10 pound regain. Need a race to train for. Have you done the 10K Classic? If so, thoughts? I've heard it's the hardest in the world.

Puisan said...

i totally get your frustrations!
I NEVER look good in race pics (although I feel like a million bucks while running)!!!
I perpetually look like I'm gonna throw up in pics while i'm running.
(thus, I only post pics of myself post-race where I know I can alter the outcome!!!)


AKA Alice said...

I am with'd think they could take a decent shot. I got one a few months back and couldn't believe it (and bought it!). But I can't tell you how many races I've run to get one.