Monday, December 8, 2008


That's how long it took me to run 7 miles yesterday. I hit 5 miles at the one hour mark. Knowing that if I was just running and not following the training plan (walk breaks and pace 2 minutes slower than race pace) I would have hit 6 miles at the one hour mark was a little distracting. However the dull pain in my right shin that kicked in after 40 minutes made me rethink my ideas of speeding up.

1 hour 23 minutes and 3 seconds is a loooong time on a treadmill. Sooner or later I am going make it outside. My Christmas Garmin has arrived but I have yet to try it out. I have to make sure I've read and understand the instructions. A premature attempt to use it could be traumatizing.
Today starts the beginning of Week 4.
Mon - off
Tues - 40 Min Run (MM)
Wed - off
Thurs -40 Min Run
Fri - easy walk
Sat - 4x800
Sun - off
the orginal plan calls for the long run to happen on Sunday, I prefer Saturday but actually have had to switch back and forth depending on what I have going on. While I am glad this week's long run is not the 8.5 I have to look forward to next week, I am going to have to actually read up on the 4x800. Hope that's easy to track on a treadmil....

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AKA Alice said...

I also switch back and forth on the Saturday/Sunday long run depending on what I have to do on the weekend. I don't think that matters.

I'm waiting for the report on the Christmas Garmin :-)