Sunday, November 2, 2008

Running the Heart Walk

Today I ran the Heart Walk. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a run/walk since it wasn't officially a run and I wouldn't feel any self imposed pressure to do my best.

It was a 5K but I question their measurement in that my time was 29:52. That's with 2 water stops, several stops to take pictures, a shoe lace malfunction, and two music mishaps (knocked my MP3 player out of the arm holster, cause I am graceful like that) and slowing down to accept the misc trinktes that were be given out. (Didn't really want the stuff but wanted to be polite). All in all I ran the 5K with exception of the above mention stops. I may run with my camera more often.

Traffic was starting to irritate me the closer I got then I looked over to car next and a little boy was waving to me. I missed the team picture but seeing the little boy's excitement made it worthwhile

We started the walk at Turner Field and headed north to downtown. Similar route to the Kaiser Corporate Challenge we did last month
Headed over the interstate towards the GA Capital building.
I think the majority of the peopel from our company walked but I did end pass this lady who had a sticker on her back saying she was running in honor of her mother and father. Not many runners.
The last mile intersected with the end of the walkers just leaving the Turner Field area at the start.
Randon pictures of the "tent area".
The above mentioned misc. trinkets.
Finally a cute company shirt. Last couple, not so much.


Muffy said...

FABULOUS! How very exciting!

Carly said...

Nice job! I love the photos.