Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday was my first training run after Running School. I used the 10mile plan that called for a 5 mile run (run/walk). 1:02:44. at 5.3/3.6 (3/1) on the treadmill. (sticking with the plan and running 2 minutes slower than your race pace)It felt like I would never hit the 5 mile mark. Running outside probably would have helped with the boredom factor but I hadn't planned ahead and don't have a 5 mile course marked out. I will say that I felt good after 5 miles and probably could have continued on.


AKA Alice said...

Wow. 2 minutes slower than my race pace? I think I'd be walking.

I am so interested in your running plan. Can't wait to read how it works out.

Southbay Girl said...

I think i'd shoot myself running 5 miles on a treadmill-how do you do it??

Sasha said...

You will love the Garmin- I love knowing how far I've gone outside without having to use mapmyrun or drive it off!