Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rockstar of Running

First and foremeost I heart Jeff Galloway. I learned a lot of which I am sure I will include in future blogs. The biggest thing for me today was being introduced to the concept of running just for fun. Enjoying the whole run. How is this accomplished? Through the Run/Walk. There were a few type A people in the class and we wanted to know how to get comfortable with the walking part. After all, isn't it called running? Don't you run a race? Isn't walking cheating? Jeff's response ~ isn't that just your ego talking? Well, yeah, and she can be a real bitch. But the more I listened the more it made sense and Galloway has 1000's of examples of people setting PR's with this method. In theory it sounds very good. In practice I think perhaps it's easier to quite your ego once you hit Olympian status and were once a world class runner. As a chubby girl just trying to run under 10 minute miles, I am suspect as to whether that ego will keep quite.

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