Thursday, November 20, 2008


Somewhat related to running, I've decide not to run the Gobble Job Thanksgiving morning. I am proud to say that it has nothing to do with the cold or the hills, although that makes the decision a bit easier. I say a bit easier because I feel like I failed since I decided not to run it. (Could I for once have a vacation from my type A personality?)

It's really a budget matter. Halloween is the start of the holiday season for me, Halloween, my brithday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My spending spikes around my birthday and Christmas (of course). My plan has been to start 2009 debt free from holiday spending. However, when I checked my credit card balance yesterday I was dismayed to find I've dug a nice little hole for myself. Must have been that birthday spree. Any way after running the numbers I came to the conclusion that 1) I've been spoiling myself lately, 2) that the credit card neeeds to go back into hiding, and 3) I need to stop spending unnecessary money on myself with Christmas right aorund the corner.

It's a cruel fact that you find the best stuff for yourself only when your out shopping for someone else. Any way no Gobble Jog for me or any other incidentals until that credit card balance reads zero! I do plan to get up and run Thanksgiving morning minus the bib but twenty some dollars closer to having that debt paid off!


Carly said...

You sound like me, from Halloween to New Years we have everyone's birthdays and Christmas. Gah! It gets expensive.

AKA Alice said...

Why is it that whenever I go shopping for gifts for everyone else, I find everything perfect for me?

I hate/love that!