Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Shoes and Good Intentions

Every Friday night I go to bed thinking I am going to get up early Saturday morning and go for a nice run. Every Saturday morning I wake and go back to sleep. In my defense by Saturday morning the 4 1/2 - 5 hours of sleep I get Monday -Friday catches up to me. So this Saturday was no different. When I realize that yet again I missed my morning run I start to plan, can I do something later in day? Honestly the odds are slim, laziness takes over. But this Saturday I decide that perhaps I need new running shoes. Everybody knows that new shoes make you want to run and run fast. And perhaps my shoes have been contributing to this whole shin fiasco.

Late afternoon I head to Big Peach Running Company, my first visit. They have me step on this machine that gives you an image of your feet to tell you where you put pressure, what kind of arch, and much more. Then they record me running on the treadmill so they can go back and dissect my stride. Lo and behold perhaps my shoes could be adding to the shin problem. Which I am told is usually something new runners experience. I am not really a new runner but maybe I am not a consistent runner so I am forever starting again. Anyway, I try on a few pairs, none of which are in any color combinations that really grab me. Certainly none as pretty as my pink and gray Ascis. I think I try Saucony, Mizuno, Asics, and New Balance. I am Asics girl, even in my non running periods I sport Asics. So how do I wrap my mind around the Mizunos feeling the best. I mention this to shoe guy who gives me a pep talk about how all the brands are good and you 're just looking for the pair that best works with your mechanics. I find some comfort in the fact that I've have a prior relationship with Mizuno, not long ago I drop quite of bit of money on an array of Mizuno stuff for Hammer's softball gear.

I leave the store anxious to try out my new shoes and wondering will I ever have that "runner" look? You know that long and lean look. Coming in right under 5' and always seeming to be battling an extra 10-15 pounds, perhaps not. Still on my new shoe high I immediately change into my least favorite running shorts (note: do laundry) and drive to the park to test them out. (not ready to tackle the hilly neighborhood) Once at the park I start running and realize 1) it's still hot as hell in Georgia at 5:30pm and 2) as an act of kindness to my fellow man I should not attempt to run in these shorts until I am 5-10lbs lighter and have some sort of tan. So I decide to do an inaugural mile in my new shoes and call it a day. Ever the optimist, plan a early Sunday morning run.

No early run on Sunday, actually no run at all. But my inaugural mile was done at an easy pace in 9:46, Happy to see I haven't gotten slower.

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