Friday, September 19, 2008


Wednesday did 3 miles on the treadmill. Planned to run Thursday but shin felt a little tender so I punished myself on the elliptical.

Today, I thought I would try the run/walk thing. A practice used by many and endorsed by no other than Jeff Galloway, the running god of Atlanta. They say this is the way to "run" a long race and feel strong at the finish. It takes we awhile to wrap my mind around the walk part. If you're running a race, wouldn't walking be cheating? I am working on getting comfortable with the concept. I've known about it for years. Read many a success story about run/walk. So today I tried out 60 minutes of run/walk 3:1. Well mostly 3:1 but there was a 4:1 in there to ensure minute 59-60 was walking. I am freaking like that. Some shin tenderness during the run but feeling good now . I'll probably ice my shin for good measure and to make people at work wonder what I 'm doing walking around with a bag of frozen corn. Maybe this run/walk is really the way to run...

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