Friday, September 12, 2008


3 miles this morning. Slower than I would have liked, 10:30, but 3 miles. I'll take them. Happy to report that I am feeling no real pain in my shin. Yeah, I am super woman! I was hoping for 4 miles in 40 minutes but I didn't want to test fate and the batteries on my MP3 player died about the 3 mile mark....

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AKA Alice said...

Hey Catholic Runner...thanks for listing my blog on your blogroll. I found you through my StatCounter ap.

It's awesome that you started running and blogging. I didn't start blogging until after I'd been running a couple of years, but if I had, I'd have written much of the same.

Shin splints are the WORST. When I feel the twinge coming on, I get a couple bags of peas and lay them over my shin area for about 10 minutes. It takes the immediate pain away (who new? ice works?), and it seems to help overall. I have nowhere near the shin issues I had when I started running.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment. I mostly just wanted to say, "Hi."